H20: Our Newest Healthy and Nutritious Beverage

H20: Our Newest Healthy and Nutritious Beverage


SIP, is the hottest smart waters to hit the Smart Water Industry, unlocking your “Hydration Destination” is key when it matters what your body consumes. Manifest your Hydration with some of our newest products, SIP BY SHE.
BodyresQ H20 is the latest nutrition beverage designed specifically for the needs of today's anatomy, and is a new member of the growing family of quality products from SHE Beverage Company Inc.

Many years of testing and tasting went into the creation of bodyresQ H20 which is formulated distinctively to assist with health benefits.

Completely Sugar Free, Caffeine Free, Calorie & Stimulant Free, the supplements in bodyresQ H20 have been formulated in an FDA approved facility to support the nutritional values the body needs to rebuild. 


SIP YOUNG H20 By SHE Beverage Company defines a new premium beverage category and introduces a new era of healthy PH 7.5 Alkaline Water to manifest hydration for children and or the young athlete. Our mission is to promote good drinking habits that increase hydration stability in our youth and young athletes. SHE Beverage Company continues to create a line of beverages that competes with a new beverage industry that takes hydration seriously. “We take the beverage industry to a new level by incorporating a secret formula and creative kid-friendly proprietary sports water that will deliver only the purest hydration rescue Alkaline 7.5 PH water for our youth. When Moms not around we are the trusted brand their children can depend on.


Prenatal care is when you get checkups from a doctor, nurse, or midwife throughout your pregnancy. It helps keep you and your future baby healthy.SHE Beverage Company knows how important your hydration is and how important staying hydrated is during pregnancy. Your doctor, nurse, or midwife will monitor your future baby’s development and do routine testing to help find and prevent possible problems. SHE Beverage Company wants to be your water source during your pregnancy and the birth of your future baby. SIP MOMS H20 Electrolyte & Alkaline enhanced water will deliver the Alkaline you need and remain gentle to your body during this precious process. Obstetrician-gynecologist recommended

SIP Spring Water

SHE BEVERAGE COMPANY’S PRIDED SPRING WATER enhanced purified H20 developed to manifest hydration, restore electrolytes, Assist with performance and recovery.

SHE Beverage Company’s ratios of bio-available electrolytes and low ion water create Full-Body collaboration for the ultimate hydration delivery.

Electrolyte & Alkaline Water

Manifest your Hydration with one of Alkaline’s newest introductions, SIP BY SHE. SIP, is the hottest smart water to hit the Smart Water Industry, unlocking your “Hydration Destination” is key when it matters what your body consumes. SHE Beverage Company continues to please with its beverage catalog, as they roll out their latest beverage industry take over, SIP By SHE, SIP aims to contribute to the Alkaline and Electrolyte Water industry, Alkaline water is water that's less acidic than the average bottled water. SIP by SHE Alkaline Water with over 9.5 in PH can neutralize the acid in your bloodstream and help your body metabolize nutrients more effectively, leading to better health and performance.

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