Great-Tasting Beer and Other Unique Alcoholic Beverages

Great-Tasting Beer and Other Unique Alcoholic Beverages
  • Dirty Blonde

    A stylistic balance of malt and hop character, American Amber Ale is an easy drinking favorite. A blend of Pale and Crystal malts offer a sophisticated mild caramel flavor and aroma with a restrained sweetness.

  • Brunette

    Our Brown Ale is made with domestically grown pale malts, Munich malts from Germany, and chocolate malts from the United Kingdom. A balanced hop character and a pleasant cocoa finish.


    We select North American 2-Row Malt and the freshest hops from the Yakima Valley of Washington State to make our doubled India Pale Ale. Assertively bittered and sturdy in alcoholic strength, our version captures the bright flavors and aromas of citrus from the Calypso® and Citra® hop blend.

  • Curvas

    Imported Pilsner malt from Bamberg, Germany and hops from the German Hallertauer growing region lend authenticity to our version of this world renown style. A light, crisp and refreshing beverage for any celebratory occasion.

  • Slender

    A leaner version of your father’s favorite golden beer, we use the finest hops and malts from Bavaria to offer a superior flavor with less alcohol.



Our Signature line of Hard Lemonades. Some of our best sellers on the market to date. Our Hard Blue has been custom blended and brand for the LA Dodgers.